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Abbott Laboratories and Glucerna SR
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Glucerna SR and a Healthy Diabetic Diet

Diabetes is a challenging illness that affects millions of people around the world. Uncontrolled, it can lead to other serious and debilitating conditions. A healthy diet that includes Glucerna™ SR can make an important difference in managing your diabetes every day.

This website contains information and resources to help people understand and managed diabetes better. Please visit the following sections for more information:

Glucerna SR: Diabetes Diet Information

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Where to Buy?

Glucerna SR™ is available around the globe, with many purchase options. Use our guide to find the location nearest you.

Diabetes News

Daily news from the world's premier news and information sources.

Screening for Diabetes

Many people have diabetes and don't even know it! Are you at risk? Use this easy, interactive screening tool to find out.

BMI Calculator

Excess weight and health risks, including diabetes, go hand in hand. Learn your weight status with this quick and easy interactive BMI calculator.